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Hi guys

Vallonia is hosting a Golf with your friends event this upcoming saturday at 7 PM UK-time!

The game is also currently for sale on steam!  Check it out here

Hey Peeps,

We are planning to host a fun night in the game Left 4 Dead 2
On wednesday June 28 2017 at 19:00 CEST time (Oslo,Amsterdam/Paris) or 6 PM UK-time

If by any chance you do not have Left 4 Dead 2 in your possension, it's for sale on steam at this moment for 2 euro's.

If you like to join us your more then welcome to, just make sure its downloaded, installed and up to date so that we can start at on time.
We will be sitting on Discord so hop on there as well to make it extra funny.

If you have friends that would like to join in as well they can, just make sure your on time on discord so that we can give your friends the appropriate rights on discord.


Hey folks,

As you may know E3 2017 is underway, last night we had the EA Play show and tonight we have the Xbox Conference! All the major players have shows all the way up until Tuesday, followed by lots of little shows about different games that where revealed and discussions.

Vh0zon (Shifu) has made a very helpful E3 2017 guide, which is great not only for seeing when and what show is on (UK Times), but also if you missed anything or can't remember the name of a reveal, then you can look back at the stream or the listed games after the show on the thread, which will link to a reddit page that breaks down the platforms, release date, developer & publishers as well as the Gameplay and or Reveal Trailers and websites relevant to the game.

Check it out guys, its very detailed and is good to look back at after the show. Why not join us now by commenting your predictions or wants. Half Life 3 anyone? If you are watching live, feel free to use our temp E3 text chat on Discord whilst you watch to comment on stuff as they are revealed. Once the shows are all over we will be deleting it.

The Steam Summer Sale is due very soon, according to some reddit posts it could be from June 22nd - July 5th so make sure to save your pennies for then! We will make a post about the Steam Sales nearer the time to remind you all!

If you cannot wait for the Steam Summer Sale or if you are going to be away and cannot access the Steam App, why not check out Kinguin! Everytime you use our link we get commision from the sale. On top of that if you use the code ALPHAREV at the checkout you will 3% off your purchase! For the next 17 hours they have their own sale on!


Lord Atrocity