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Overwatch Event

Lord Atrocity posted Sun at 19:23

Hey folks

Join us for Overwatch Event this Friday at 20:30 UK time! We will meet on Discord and move into a public game or private game depending on the numbers. 

We had a nice handful of games last times, and some of us who hadn't played in a while enjoyed the new characters!

Hope to see you folk soon!


Wrinkles tag I'll be there ! but u probably knew that already :p

Heya everyone! 

On the 16th at 7:00 PM UK time we have a special competition set out for all of you. We'll start with a friendly race through a snowy mess. Right after you'll have to find several people as fast as possible. To calm things down we'll end the competition with a little quiz so start honing your Google-Fu as it might prove useful. Probably not though ;)

What's in it for the fastest racer, the best detective and the sharpest tool in the shed, you ask? Well, we have three prizes: the third place will receive the Beastslayer Rifle Skin, the second place will grant you the Devoted Shield Skin and lastly, the first prize is The Colossus

And once everything is said and done we'll sit back an enjoy a nice Christmas Movie for which you can vote right here! The movies you can choose between are How the Grinch stole Christmas and Arthur's Christmas.

12-10_AVMW-1920x1080.jpg (1920×1080)

I hope to see as many of you guys at the even. Try to set yourself up with snacks, hot drinks and a blanket to get ready for a very comfy evening. If you cannot attend, fret not as we still have our Autumn Lottery finishing up until the 18th of December for which you can sign up by clicking this link! No matter if you can or not come along I think I speak for everyone at Alpharevolver that we wish you a very Merry Christmas, happy Holidays and a grand New Year! :)

Hey guys!

So now that our TDA Destiny 2 clan has expanded from previously just being on the PS4 to now include PC members since the release a few weeks ago. I'm stepping up and taking leadership of our Destiny 2 clan. I won't be alone though, Pharakhos will be helping me with the PC side of the clan and Rutiau will be helping with things on the PS4. We've already been successful with the current raid on the PS4 and we're all eagerly awaiting the first expansion to drop on the 5th December. If you haven't joined our clan yet you can join here. If you just want to find out more about the game, drop a message on our forum page or in the Discord chat.

Destiny 2 Logo

Aswell as leading the Destiny 2 clan I'm also going to be leading the Alpha Revolver PS4 community. It's currently only a small close knit group on the PS4 but the plan is to reach out and recruit new members to join our community with a console based background in the hope that we can become more of a multi platformed gaming community. If you own a PS4 and want to join us online add your PSN name to this forum post so we can find you.

Also Lord Atrocity & Wrinkles will be hosting an Overwatch event on Friday 24th November at 20:30 UK time.

Thanks for reading!

Lego Legs

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