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Gamescom 20-26.August

Kida Sacheil posted Fri at 4:25

It's that time of the year again! Gamescom 2017 is coming up!

Shifu has been kind enough to make a thread gathering all the information!

We've also added a temporarly Gamescom text channel on Discord
So you guys can chat about anything Gamescom related! 

Check out Shifu's thread here

That's right! Friday 4th of August at 7PM UK-time

I'll be hosting what possibly will be the hardest mission in Guild Wars 2 ever!

For those who don't know me, I'm pretty known for always getting lost or getting easily confused. I'll therefore 
need all your help to navigate - as I'm exploring Tangled Depths for the FIRST time! 

I'll be streaming everything on Twitch, and I'll share the link on all of our social media channels, in addition to Discord once it goes live! 

Everyone is welcome to join me on Discord, but there's ONE RULE:

- No one is allowed to guide me in-game, you either have to explain me
the way in-chat or on Discord! 

Vuez I've volunteered to pocket heal. My hardest task yet in Guild Wars 2 \o/

Hi guys!

As most of you already know Arena Net has announced the second expansion of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire! 
Path of Fire will be released September 22. However if you have an account in good standing (never been banned),

you'll have the opportunity to: Try a demo from Friday, August 11 through Sunday, August 13.

Looking for more info? 
Vuez has so kindly written a forum post gathering some information about the upcoming expansion, you can read that here: 
Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire announced.

Other than that, more information about the expansion and how to pre-order can be found on the official website: 

Pitsnow " if you have an account in good standing (never been banned)" That would be me out then :(