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Hello folks,

This friday and every friday we will be hosting an Overwatch Event on PC @ 8PM UK time! If you'd like to join make sure you pop onto Discord and join our Overatch Channel! If you havent played in a while then make sure your game is up to date! This is because Blizzard has been adding some new cool characters, levels and customization options to the mix. 

Now if we have 6 or less players we will be jumping into Quickplay, feel free to invite random friendly players to our Discord channel if they wish to stay as a team for comms!

If we have more than 6 players, we will be playing versus or splitting into 2 Quickplay groups. Just make sure to communicate between the two channels if people have to leave so you can form a team together. We don't want anyone left out!

Now Wrinkles and I will be running this event, covering each other at times of work or study, but we could always use a few extra people to step up incase clashes happen to make sure everyone gets to join in on our Overwatch Event, so if you'd like to volunteer, and you are available most Fridays then give Wrinkles or myself a shout! 

The old method of trying to fit Overwatch around my schedule wasnt working, and its not fair on people not to have a consistent event, therefore thats why we need a couple of people just to step in and make sure we get together!

OH and feel free to bring your friends!

I look forward to seeing you all star in my play of the games ;)

Lord Atrocity

Hi everyone!

As some of you know, a while back I started working on a “Daily Gatherer helper”- site. The purpose of the site is to quickly show the best locations to complete a gathering/vista daily.

Well the site is now almost done and is ready to be used/tested. At this moment the site only contains information about gathering dailies and Vista’s but it’s possible to add more information in the future - if it’s wanted.  

I’m lacking some locations especially in Heart of Maguuma and Desert. There is a contact form on the website if you want to help me out - that or you can contact me on Discord.

I’m always interested in hearing general feedback, but try and keep it constructive and keep in mind that this is just a side project of mine and not something I can spend all my time doing.


Other than that, I hope you guys like it and you can reach the site by following this (awesome)  link: www.thedaemonarmy.com

Hi guys!

Since November you’ve all had the chance to vote for your favourite “Path of Fire” screenshot that’s been entered in our competition!

23 people have voted, and we are ready to announce the winners!

*Dramatic pause* 

In third place, with 4 votes and the winner of 75 gold, we have: Ride of the Puphirrim by Shifu!

In Second place with 5 votes, and the winner of 100 gold we have:  One Thousand and One Nights by AlcaTrazGom!

And finally the winner, who won with 11 votes,  and is the winner of 150 gold and
an item of their choice from the gem store worth 400 gems. Is  *Drum roll*

Even The Gods May Fall by Wrinkles!

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all the people who took part in the contest!

And lastly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Thank you all for making TDA/AR so awesome, and I hope everyone has a nice holiday, and that you’ll still be with us next year :)