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Hi guys, and welcome to our MineCraft Server! 

Our MineCraft vanilla server is up and running, and will be available until the 6th June.

Here's some more detailed information about our server:

Server rules:
Our code of conduct still applies, in addition to some rules written in-game.
These are:
- Don't ruin each others stuff.
- Don't change, add or remove stuff from other people's buildings/creations without their permission.


Our server runs on a plugin called MyWorld. Which makes it possible to host both creative and survival mode on one server.
You can easily change between the gamemodes by walking through the portals. 


Due to the plugin, our portals are now waterwalls. If you see an oddly placed waterfall, surrounded by signs - chances are this is a portal.
Just walk through and you'll be teleported to the other world/gamemode.

If you manage to "ruin" the waterfall, and creating a flood (which i've done several times building these portals). Stop the flood, rebuild the same waterfall and test if it still works. Due to how portals are being made, it's not allowed to dig a water-portal deeper into the ground. 
If you want to move a portal or create a new one, contact me (Kida) or Becky and we'll help you. 

Server admins:
KidaSacheil and Phaedriu (Becky)
If there's any questions or requests, feel free to message one of the server admins.  

And last but not least, server address:  alpharevolver.nitrous.it

Somnious Nice, I see that the server has no motd and server Icon (motd is the text that appears in the multiplayer menu) altough ...

Today TDA officially announces that it will be setting foot in Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG by Intrepid Studio's and recently started a Kickstarter.
Ashes of Creation will have not be buy to play, it will be free to download but after that you will have to pay for a sub on a monthly basis.

The game will have a micro cash shop with pure cosmetic items, pets and or mounts.

When we will be able to start in this game our focus will be on city development.
We will be going for trade agreements with other parties.
Dungeons crawling and exploring the fast world, or even play as a monster who you can fully control while attacking a settlement and earn skins ect. (PvE)

Protecting our trading caravans or trade hubs from bandits and of course trying to take resources from other trade caravans.
Or try out the castle/fortress sieges that will be introduced. (PvP)

These are only a few things that we will be setting our teeth in when the game will release.

We are gathering up people who are interested in this game and they can apply on our website.
For AR or TDA members you can simply apply by sending a PM to Beorn on the forum.

BahamutZer0 Tank class and guarding caravans here I come!
Pitsnow I have registered for Ashes of Creation and pledged some money for early access. I guess GW2 will be getting long in the...
Kida Sacheil If it's gonna be everywhere in the world I'm gonna get so lost. Thinking I know the map, but suddenly there&#...

Hey there guys,

These two Saturdays we'll host two events in GTA Online. Not only is there a new update with new modes inbound but there are plenty of races created by users which are even more fun than the Rockstar-Created races! If you think you can handle me pushing you over the tracks then come along at 8PM UK time! :D

If you come along anything you wish to try out with more people do not shy away from letting us know! New content for us is what makes these events happen! :)


Angron Deathsword Some guy screwed up the 8-track race :(
Lexi I'll try to make it! Lalalal!!