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Prison Break!

Vuez posted Mar 10, 17

Hey ho, new raid, new success, more pictures! \o/

This time around we didn't wait long and finished the new raid wing a month after release! To be fair, the first three encounters aren't all that difficult. The last bloke however was a different story. Let's start off with the big stone in the beginning also referred to as "Cairn the Indomitable". On our first evening we proved he was anything but.

Afterwards we've ended up in some sort of playroom in which we've fought chess pieces. Remember that chess scene from Harry Potter: The Philospoher's Stone? Nothing like that. No rules in this one whatsoever. There were spikes too. We've just stood elsewhere and turned that big piece inside out.

Up next we have the prison's warden named Samarog. This guy either has four legs and two arms or four arms and two legs. We're not sure either because they all look alike. Anyway, due to his size he has an incredibly large blind side on his back. Plus every 33% he wusses out and makes two of his prisoners fight us which we found unethical. So we laid those acts to rest.

The last one our list was Deimos who has imprisoned Saul, the person we broke out of jail. Now this boss was quite a handful. Many of his mechanics could result into a quick wipe if not handled accordingly...or avoided. One way or another even Deimos had to give in to us eventually!


That's us once again. Thanks to everyone involved! It was a blast to roll through the content again :)

Zodiack I like how Saul is just there dead in the background , good prison breakout guys xD
"Pizza" Valtiel COngrats on another raid victory! You guys are killin' it :d
Angron Deathsword ALL ME!!! Also, mandatory shout-out to the rest of the squad, y'all did good. Last shout-out to Narcipoo who will b...

Hey guys,

The day has come for us to move from Teamspeak to Discord. We really hope you guys enjoy what Discord has to offer and the stuff that has been planned.

You can join our Discord by clicking the module on the left side of this page, just under the shoutbox. Click "Join Server" and you are in.

Discord is a free service and is more centered around gaming and has a plenty of features coming soon. Nevertheless some things in Discord still need worked on you can put your suggestions on their website. For all of those new to Discord we found a video to help you out and our very own Beorn wrote an extensive guide with some tips and tricks. I have included a video credit to Bullsaye, who is not part of Alpha Revolver and is a video that I found on Youtube. I suggest you watch all of the video as throughout you will find out about things such as logging out and turning off Discord which isn't so obvious. Please be aware that if you press to close Discord using the X on the top right corner on a PC, it just closes the app, but you are still on the server and can be heard. The video outlines how to quit Discord.

We still need to update our Social tab on our website, there you will be able to find this video and Beorns extensive guide. This way you can direct new members on how to set up Discord and join our server. 

I have made a copy of Beorns google docs to share with you folk just now, we will add stuff to the guide over time, but for now you can use this link until our Social Page is ready. You can find the temp link here. This also covers the notifications section which the youtuber shows at the end of the video but doesn't go over. As a suggestion if you want to direct a message to someone for example me, use @LordAtrocity .I have sounds for messages turned off for text channels, as it can get frequent, but I have set it to notify me with a sound if someone mentions me with @LordAtrocity.

Let us know if you have any trouble with Discord, feel free to message me or any of the other admins through the site, via the forums or through Steam.


Lord Atrocity

Vallonia Rest in piece soundboard 2017-2017

Hey guys,

We're going to be hosting a Chivalry Medieval Warfare event this week on Saturday 25th at 8:30pm UK time and then at the start of next month on Wednesday 1st at 9:00pm UK time. It's going to be on a bit later so it doesn't clash with out GW2 event.

For those of you who don't know what Chivalry is, its a first person medieval combat game. Chopping limbs off with axes and swords, smashing heads in with maces or using a variety of other deadly weapons to maim and kill your enemies or friends. With the usual competetive game modes such as team death match, capture the flag and other objective based modes you also get to take part in castle sieges or raiding a village full of peasants. We'll probably stick to team based games but I think a few free for all matches would be fun. 

If you don't own Chivalry and fancy picking it up on the cheap, then head over to Kinguin to pick it up from around £2-£4. If you use our refferal link here you can earn our community a bit of commision which we invest right back into the Alpha Revolver community. Also you can get 3% off using our discount code "ALPHAREV" prior to purchase. 

If you want to discuss or ask any questions about the event then head over to our forum post here. Thank you for reading! I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. 


Hey folks,

This Saturday @ 8:30 UK time we are hosting a Grand Theft Auto V event which involves a mix of different modes we are going to play. We hope to see you there! I will need a back up hoster, as sometimes GTAV crashes for me. Let me know in the comments if you can back me up! Feel free to video the event, but only if you get everyones permission.

On top of that, starting March 1st, we will be officialy moving from Teamspeak to Discord. On that day we will be posting up a news post and adjusting the website to include a Discord Module, supply the information to join & a guide to help those folk who are new to it.

The reason for the move is that Teamspeak cost money and to run it for 50 people is even more expensive. With Discord, its completely free and we don't have a user cap. Discord is also a lot more gamer friendly with tonnes of features and more coming soon. They also have an official iOS & Android app which works pretty well.

Head on over to the Discord Website, to download the application, and make sure to update it prior to us opening the server so that you can make sure you can jump on as soon as its available. We recommend that you register an account so that you can claim your username. 

Hope to see you on GTAV & for those wanting a sneak peak at the Discord Server before it opens, make sure to come along to the GTA event as that is the VOIP application we will be using for the event.


PointBlanc I'll be there. Can do back up hosting. Is there an Alpha Revolver crew?
Vallonia Coming to GTA event, gonna record it as well. \o/

Hey guys,

We have another Overwatch event this Saturday at 8:30pm UK time. With the new chinese new year festival out, we have new skins and a new game mode to play. This festivals event is Capture the flag. If we manage to make up even numbers we have that as one of our options to play.

Overwatch is a lot of fun, especially with friends, so keep an eye out on our shotbox for our Discord Testing link. Overwatch event allows us to test with a group of people at different intervals to see if Discord would suit our VOIP needs better as a community. We do not want this to be used fully by the community at the moment because we don't want to divide our community between two VOIP chats until we are sure Discord is the right way to go.

We are looking forward to seeing you there. In preperation, make sure you Overwatch game & Battle.net client is uptodate prior to the event. You can download Discord here and you can add people and share your battle.net tag on this thread

Looking forward to seeing you!


Vallonia Ye sure fine i'll be there...
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