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Hello guildies!

To celebrate the release of the new Guild Wars 2 expansion, we’re arranging
a screenshot contest with the theme:
“Path of Fire”.

Screenshot has to be entered before the 22th of November!

The winner will get 150 gold, and their screenshot featured on the frontpage of our website and on our social media platforms.
Second place gets 50 gold, and third place gets 25 gold

What are the rules?

  • The screenshot has to be of something from the new expansion, or something fitting to the theme.
  • Screenshot doesn’t have to be HUDless, so if you find creative ways to have it on your screen, that’s fine.
  • While it's not prohibited to have your character in the picture, avoid turning this into a "post your character's picture thread". We already have one. Anet has given us first person view, so make use of it! So make sure you take into account if your character's presence in the picture will serve the image composition overall. Using other people in your shots is, of course, allowed and encouraged. Also feel free to get some people together and have them pose or pretend they are having an epic fight somewhere! Screenshots who try to show off feats (eg: "i beat this boss solo and it was $%#* EPIC MAN!") or their characters, that don't really show anything of interest, will be dismissed.
  • Only One Screenshot may be submitted per person, along with one line describing the picture (time/event/condition) or whatever you please. This text is optional and will be published along with the picture, unless otherwise requested.
  • No Photoshop or any kind of editing allowed. If most of the officers suspect the screenshot was tampered with in any way, it's disqualified. Programs like SweetFX and other visual mods also fall under this category. You're free to change existing visual setting in the game options (brightness, FOV, etc.). TL;DR: Tampering with the image with tools outside the game will disqualify you.

So how do I join?
If you want to take part in the contest, all you have to do is: Take a screenshot and send it to me (Kida Sacheil), as a private message - here on the website before the 22th of November.

How is the winner decided?
After the 22th of november, a jury will get together and pick out 4 candidates. These four candidates will then be posted on the forum, where you’ll get the chance to vote for your favourite! On the 22th of December we’ll announce the winners!

It's that time of the year again! Gamescom 2017 is coming up!

Shifu has been kind enough to make a thread gathering all the information!

We've also added a temporarly Gamescom text channel on Discord
So you guys can chat about anything Gamescom related! 

Check out Shifu's thread here

That's right! Friday 4th of August at 7PM UK-time

I'll be hosting what possibly will be the hardest mission in Guild Wars 2 ever!

For those who don't know me, I'm pretty known for always getting lost or getting easily confused. I'll therefore 
need all your help to navigate - as I'm exploring Tangled Depths for the FIRST time! 

I'll be streaming everything on Twitch, and I'll share the link on all of our social media channels, in addition to Discord once it goes live! 

Everyone is welcome to join me on Discord, but there's ONE RULE:

- No one is allowed to guide me in-game, you either have to explain me
the way in-chat or on Discord! 

Vuez I've volunteered to pocket heal. My hardest task yet in Guild Wars 2 \o/