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About The Daemon Army
The Daemon Army (TDA) is a European based guild playing many different games, we are part of a Gaming Community called Alpha Revolver (AR). Alpha Revolver is a gaming community. The guild that we use to represent AR in games is called The Daemon Army. You do not need to be a part of TDA to be a part of the Alpha Revolver Community.

We consist of mature players that have their families/friends playing with us and this give us a friendly and helpful atmosphere.
TDA is not a hardcore guild, we consist of a few casual but mostly semi-hardcore gamers who all have a life beside the game.
In TDA and AR, real life comes first over anything; no guild event or goal should ever trump the needs of family, work, or other real life pursuits. You are applying yourself to a community that isn't just in it for gaming we are here for the long term, we are here as a family and we stick together.
TDA takes a relaxed approach meaning, we prefer steady sometimes slow progression, to no progression, or to a rushed progression.
Are you who we are looking for?
We aim to recruit players who share our family-oriented mind-set, value fair play and team work and fun above all else. 
People play games to relax, to enjoy their time and not having to stress about it.
We need serious members, who value their guild and guild-mates. We are united towards the common goal of having fun and making friends while still making things happen in-game. We require people to download and join us on Discord and have a working microphone in order to help facilitate our common goal. It is imperative that our members be able to communicate with each other. Teamwork can only occur successfully when people are willing to communicate in a way that is clear and concise. Discord is mandatory for guild events, for the rest it's optional.
Since this is a new game where TDA moves into, we will be looking for good candidates for Officer positions. 

What we are not looking for
We are not interested in recruiting players whose motto is “I’m so l33t, you suck and I won’t help you”. One of our core values is to help one another. TDA and AR does not choose to indulge in matchmaking. If you're looking for attention or someone to flirt with, please look elsewhere.Drama or any other negative vibe isn't tolerated here. TDA and AR’s immediate response to people intentionally seeking to cause drama in the community is to ban or remove players from the community.

What can you expect from TDA
Being a member of a guild where you are more than a number, a growing family
We aim for a wide range of activities such as guild events for PvE and PvP purposes.
We support crafting and we are looking to build our own city to support it.
Structured leadership and help.
Good website and forum and discord server
We welcome suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism.

We require that people who want to join us, that they register on our website. That they have discord installed and are ready to use it for guild events. If multi-guilding is a thing represent TDA at all times no excuses. Each member of TDA  must be an enthusiast of both PvE and PvP activities as we tend to be active in all parts of the game.

Games where TDA is active in
At this moment our biggest presence is in Guild Wars 2 where we play on the server Seafarer's Rest since release with over 400 active members.
We are also active in games as Minecraft, GTA V Online, Overwatch ect.
Once you have been accepted as a member of TDA and AR, you immediately become one of us and you are treated as an equal, no matter what rank you achieve.

Did that spark your interest? Are you the kind of person we are looking for in this kind of community? Read more about us or go ahead and visit our website at Alpha Revolver.
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A gaming community for people who want to be treated as family