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Update from Wee: 
"OK folks I have just taken over as Bless TDA guild leader, I am sticking with Bless for better or for worse for a few more months atleast just to give Bless a chance. So if anybody pops in just give Wee a shout. OK main reason for looking after TDA in Bless is because on 24th July they are merging servers and the usual Nameing conflict that happens with x3 servers merging into one I see as being a problem. So those with characterrs in Bless I sugest logging in and reserving youre names on or soon after 24th July."

Read more about the server merge here


Hi everyone!

We’ve sadly decided to close down our Bless online guild.

As all of you know the game has had a rough start causing a lot of players to abandon the game. While we enjoyed the game, the shrinking player-base made it difficult to recruit and make TDA the guild we wanted it to be.

In addition to performance issues and lack of end game content there was also a lot of issues with the guild system which made it difficult to delegate responsibility and have it run smoothly without the guild leader being online at all times. (An example being only Guild master was able to change roles. Mhari was not happy with this, nor was she happy about the text limit because she likes to talk. A lot. Mhari is awesome.)

I’ll leave the guild up so if Bless manages to turn it all around or someone else wants to take on the project, there will be a lvl 5 guild ready.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of the guild and tried to help us make it a success.

We hope you’ll still remain with the community or that we meet again in another game.

- Kida & Mhari

Wee Thank you Kida :) OK folks I have just taken over as Bless TDA guild leader, I am sticking with Bless for better or for ...
Wee Kida if you want to and I would like to take over as caretaker guild leader easpecially for the server merger so we can ...
Wee Well we tried :( I am still staying in game (Bless) as I have no other home to go to /sob . I will not let them beat me...

Hey guys,

Wrinkles and I have decided to switch out every second week of our Overwatch event out with GTAV, to mix things up for a bit. Starting this Saturday 26th May @ 8PM UK time with GTAV online events, then next week back to Overwatch and so on. Overwatch is free to download and play from 25th - 28th May and is on sale on the Blizzard App!

If you would like to help cover the events with Wrinkles and I, drop either one of us a message. All thats involved is making sure everyone can join in and feels welcome, getting everyone together on Discord and in game!

We could always use more gaming events, so if you would like to host your own every so often, get in touch with Kida or myself!

Any advice, suggestions or help is appreciated!

Bless Online is something some of the TDA/AR members are trying, if you would like to try it out, it comes out of Early Access with the Standard Edition on the 30th May or you can get it on the 28th May with the Deluxe Edition. This along with Guild Wars 2 and our gaming events will help tide us over until Ashes of Creation and Star Citizen come out, which is still a while yet! More information on how to join Bless Online with everyone else can be found here

With E3 around the corner, Shifu has decided to cover it again. I can't thank Shifu enough as last years one was perfect! Even though I watched most of the streams, it was easy to refer back to games,trailers and information without sifting through and entire stream or links to watch the stream if you missed it or if you are only interested in certain games you can go straight to that trailer or information. If you want to watch it live all the times, dates and information including links are available on this handy guide. Its the only tool you will need and you can get it here!

If you are looking to buy or preorder any new games, DLC, ingame Currency (especially gems for Guild Wars 2) then head on over to our partner Kinguin unique link here or simply click the advert to the left or the top of the page and use the code ALPHAREV for 3% purchases, some commision goes to Alpha Revolver and 100% of that goes back to the community. 

If you would like to donate more days to our website, you can do so on the left hand side of this page! Any help is very much appreciated and thank you to everyone who has donated so far!



Hi guys!

I'll be hosting another League of Legends event this upcoming Sunday 15.April at 7PM UK-Time!

Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill level!

We'll be gathering up on Discord, but to make sure you get an invite, make sure to add KidaSacheil in-game. 

Hope to see you there! 

- Kida