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Hello, everyone!

Alpha Revolver Hangout Night (ARHN - don't know why I bother, I have to spell it out in full, but heck I'm committed) has been going on for almost a month now. Thank you to everyone who has joined, it's been a lot of fun! Mhari has created a thread on the forums where you can suggest other games to play so if you've got any ideas please check it out HERE!

The next ARHN is Saturday 16th February and starts at 1900 UK time! Maybe by then Mhari will unlazify and try to sort out the Discord being heard over Twitch thing (spoiler: she won't).

We'll probably start off with some JackBox and see how we go from there!

See you soon!

- Mhari

Apex Legends Event

Lord Atrocity posted Feb 12, 19

Hey ya'll 

Apex Legends is doing great at the moment in terms of player base and loads of people seem to be enjoying it. Now Apex is a free to play, 3 player Battleroyale game, with unique characters who have different abilities. You can pick from a healer, tracker, general dps and utility. Download the origin client and then search for the game!

Now we wanted to test something out due to the fact its only three players and this was a self managed event that would have a set time and day for people to meet up. The most important thing is to try and be inclusive as possible and split up teams so people aren't alone. It's not really possible to jump on the same server as another team and doing so intentionally are no doubt against the rules of the game.

We want to see what interest we have. We are looking at peak times (evenings, after food, before bed) Let us know in this thread what time and day suits.


Lord Atrocity

Hi everyone!

As most of you know - we host an annual Guild Wars 2 Christmas event, with different activities/ competitions created for you guys by our Guild Officers and Guild leaders.

And last year were no exception.

It’s two months-ish since our event, and I’ve finally managed to squeeze the almost 2 hour long event into an 11 minute long video for you! So if you missed out on the event, simply forgot that you attended it or if you just want to relieve the night - here’s your chance!

In other news the Steam awards is happening tonight! And I’ve created a thread with information about the nominees and I’ll update it with the winners once they’ve been announced. Do you agree with the nominees/winners? Let me know in the thread here!

Have a great weekend!

 ~ Kida