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Get To Know: Vuez

Kida Sacheil posted Sun at 8:32

What’s the name(s) you go by?

Vuez, Vooez, Voo, Vu, Vuvu and probably many more


Age/birthday/where do you come from?

I’m 25 and was born around 100 km away from Omsk, Russia.
The place is probably too small to even show up on maps.


What’s your role and how did you get involved with TDA/AR?

I am the current guild leader of the Guild Wars 2 Chapter in Alpharevolver. Back in May 2014 I was simply looking for a decent community and found a spot in TDA. A little over a year later I was asked to become an officer in September 2015. Four months down the line I was offered the position of guild lead and picked it up and well, the rest is history.

Fondest TDA/AR memory so far?

There’s plenty to choose from but I’ll have to go with the TDA meet-up back in July 2017 as it was rather unique. We weren’t exactly many people there but I’ve had a really good time travelling to Norway and simply relaxing.

There was nothing bad about that week, it was terrific. Definitely looking back to it fondly.

Favourite song right now?

I spent about half an hour going through my music library. If there’s one song I’d listen to any day with whatever mood I’d go for ‘Lit’ by Deep East Music. I am not even sure if that’s the Artist or some music label. All I know is that I love that build up and pace. It still holds up after years.


What do you work with/ study IRL?

I am currently working on my Master in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Energy technology as well as Fluid Physics. Once finished, I will seek out work which will allow me to paint the future of technology supplying the world with energy without it taking a toll on nature.


3 words that describe you as a person

(Outrageously) stubborn, steadfast, restless

Got any questions for Vuez? Feel free to leave them in the comments

Vallonia Missing most important name: VUwUez
Wrinkles tag crunchy cookies or soft cookies ?
Angron Deathsword Is cereal soup?

Hi Guys!

Me and Mhari streamed us playing some more Keep talking and nobody explodes! 
It was a mess, and we got loads of morse code :(

At the last bomb we became the top 1% in the world, with the help of some friendly people in the chat.


Anyway, If you want to check it out, you can right here: 
(We fix the audio problem further into the video! )

16/03 AR Hangout!

Kida Sacheil posted Mar 16, 19

Hi guys!


This is just a reminder that Mhari will be hosting another AR hangout tonight(Saturday) at 7PM UK-time!

During the event we’ll play different F2P games, or games where all you need is a smartphone/browser (for example Jackbox, Cards Against Humanity, Draw Something etc).

The event is super chill, and everyone is welcome to join or leave as they please. It’s a great opportunity to just hang out with us and play, or just chat for a few hour!

Hope to see you there!


Don't forget, if you have any suggestions for other free-to-play games, post them on out suggestion thread HERE