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Hi everyone!

Christmas is approaching and it’s time for our annual GW2 Christmas event!

What Is the Christmas Event?

The Christmas event is one of our seasonal get-togethers where you guys can participate in various in-game challenges the officers have created! There's a chance of winning some fantastic in-game items and, most importantly - bragging rights.

It’s open for all TDA members and there is no level or knowledge requirements to join. However, we do recommend that you have access to the waypoints throughout Tyria for easier access to the different event locations.

There will be 4 events in total, and the winners will be the ones that has gathered the best scores throughout the whole event.

When is it?
The event will happen 15th of December at 7PM UK-time!

What Can I Win?

Participants can also get Fractal encryptions for doing well during the event.

3rd place: 250 Fractal Encryptions

2nd place: 500 Fractal Encryptions

1st place: 750 Fractal Encryptions

Treasured memories of time spent with us all

But wait, there's more! Not only have we set up some challenges for you but we're also hosting a raffle where you can win a - *drum roll* - graphics card! More specifically: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 TI AORUS.

A guildie has very kindly donated it especially for the Christmas event. All you need to do to take part in the raffle is attend the whole Christmas event!

Click here to read all about how the raffle will go down

But long story short:

Vuez will take a note of everyone present for the whole event, all names will be put in a bowl and a winner will be picked at random.

If you don't want to take place in the raffle then Vuez will re-draw for a new winner. Please note that while the postage itself will be paid for, any additional fees incurred will have to be covered by the recipient.

TDA Movie night:

And finally, the voting for which movie we’re gonna be watching during our TDA Movie Event  is up!

The event is going to be: Friday 21th December at 8PM UK-time

Wee BOoooo you moved the goalpost's that is cheating :(
Wee September :) that means I have won already /cheer

Hi all,

We have officially begun recruitment for our guild in Ashes of Creation! We hope we can bring in more people to share in the excitement for the upcoming game. If you would like to join us in welcoming new members, please visit the threads with these handy-dandy links:

AoC Offical Forum Recruitment

Reddit Recruitment

While we've got your attention, we have a few Ashes-related threads on our forum that you're welcome to take a gander at and join in on:

AoC Roster

AoC Overview

There's also the Ashes of Creation section where you can create your own threads and start discussions.

If you have recently joined us, welcome to TDA/Alpha Revolver! While we are waiting for the game to be released, please join us on Discord, introduce yourself on our forums, or join us in Guild Wars 2!

If you've got anything you would like to share about the game, or if you simply want to spread the hype, please feel free to start a topic going.

Thank you and see you soon~!

- Mhari

Hi guys!

Just wanted to drop in and give a little update on the Alpha 1 testing of Ashes of Creation as Intrepid just announced that they over the coming weeks will invite all players registered to AoC to join the A1 testing.  They also lifted their NDA, meaning that we’ll see a lot more content on YouTube, Twitch, etc..

What Is Alpha Phase 1?

Alpha 1 is the first phase of testing that players could buy into. The purpose of this phase is to test the stability of the servers, the action based combat, and to generally gather data from players to improve back-end systems and account related features.

To do this in a simple way they’ve decided to design their test around the Battle Royal gamemode. Consequently, all that will be available in this phase is the opportunity to enter a map, find weapons, and fight against players - hopefully ending up being the last person standing.

What To Expect:

As mentioned above, this is the first phase of testing, meaning that what we see in testing does not reflect the final game. They’ve stated several times that they decided to base this test around Battle Royal as it’s easy to make and hopefully a more fun way for us players to test basic features. In other words, there will be bugs and there will be stuff that doesn’t work perfectly, but hopefully their findings will lead to a better game later on!

If you’re not interested in this phase of testing and are waiting for more information about the actual levelling experience etc., then the next phase of testing will be of interest to you as it is supposed to feature levelling progression to level 20.


We will keep you updated!