A Sestyna/Liquid Collaboration
(With a massive, massive 'THANK YOU' to Kavalorn for his bounty location contributions!)

Alrighty then, I mentioned this last Sunday but I thought it would be good to have a small guide up on what you need to know about guild missions and mainly about the maps and waypoints we recommend you to get to be there on time with us.

I'm gonna go through these in the order we do our GM's: Start -> Bounty -> Rush -> Challenge -> Puzzle

Note: The WP's that links have been provided for will be highlighted by a yellow square around them on the site.


You can skip this because it's just a TDA thing but we always start gathering at Applenook Hamlet


It's advised to have map completion for these maps as they contain Guild Bounties.

Possible Targets for Guild Bounties

2-MULT - you can find him in Timberline Falls (Shiverpeak Mountains) and for his estimated walking path click HERE

Ander "Wildman" Westward - he is om nom nom'd by an adult Karka and can be found somewhere within the borders of Southsun Cove.

Bookworm Bwikki - that 'lil skritt can be found in Lornar's Pass (Shiverpeak Mountains) with his crazy path located HERE

Big Mayana - that nasty bugger is hiding in a suspicious tree in Sparkfly Fen (Maguuma Jungle) with the possible locations HERE.

Brekkabek - another pesky skritt in Harathi Hinterlands (Kryta) with his silly walking path located HERE.

Crusader Michiele Bitten and infected by a Risen, she hangs out in Sparkfly Fen (Maguuma Jungle) and she walks around HERE

"Deputy" Brooke she hangs out in Snowden Drifts (Shiverpeak Mountains) and she walks around HERE

Devious Teesa Can be found in Frostgorge Sound (Shiverpeak Mountains) walking around HERE

Diplomat Tarban Can be found in Brisban Wildlands (Maguuma Jungle) walking around HERE

Half-Baked Komali Can be found in Mount Maelstrom (Maguuma Jungle) walking around HERE

Poobadoo Can be found in Kessex Hills (Kryta) walking around HERE

Prisoner 1141 Can be found in Iron Marches (Ascalon) walking around HERE

Shaman Arderus This wicked being can be found in Fireheart Rise (Ascalon) walking around HERE

Short-Fuse Felix Can be found in Diessa Plateau (Ascalon) walking around HERE

Tricksy Trekksa Can be found in Blazeridge Steppes (Ascalon) walking around HERE

Trillia Midwell Can be found in Fields of Ruin (Ascalon) walking around HERE

Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler Can be found in Fields of Ruin (Ascalon) walking around HERE


Name of the rush + map name + waypoint name + direction of the start

Bear Lope (Lornar's Pass)
WP: Durmand Priory Waypoint, S

Chicken Run (Fields of Ruin)
WP: Fangfury Watch Waypoint, SE

Crab Scuttle (Southsun Cove)
WP: Lion Point Waypoint, SE (alternatively go through Lion's Arch to Claw Island Portage Waypoint and look for a pink portal )

Devourer Burrow (Diessa Plateau)
WP: Manbane's Waypoint, NE

Ghost Wolf Run (Harathi Hinterlands)
WP: Faun's Waypoint, (W into the cave)

Quaggan Paddle (Frostgorge sound)
WP: Twoloop Waypoint, SW

Spider Scurry (Dredgehaunt Cliffs)
WP: Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint, S


Blightwater Shatterstrike (Blazeridge Steppes)
WP: Tumok's Waypoint

Branded for Termination (Fields of Ruin)
WP: Helliot Mine Waypoint, NW

Deep Trouble (Mount Maelstrom)
WP: Irwin Isle Waypoint

Save Our Supplies (Iron Marches)
WP: Viper's Run Waypoint

Scratch Sentry Defense (Timberline Falls)
WP: Stromkarl Waypoint, W into cave then N

Southsun Crab Toss (Southsun Cove)
WP: Lion Point Waypoint, SE


Angvar's Trove (Snowden Drifts)
WP: Seraph Outrider's Waypoint

Proxemics Lab (Brisban Wildlands)
WP: Gallowfields Waypoint

Langmar Estate (Plains of Ashford)
WP: Guardpoint Decimus Waypoint, Vir's Gate Waypoint (Guardpoint Decimus occasionally contested; from Vir's Gate, simply go S)