Hi guys,

This thread will act as an overview of information gathered from the game Alpha/Beta. It will be updated as and when new information is available. Also included is the phases that myself and/or Kida will have access to the game.

Alpha 1
28th September or 5th October


Castle Siege Mode
100 vs 100 matches in and around destructible castles
Defenders protect key objectives, attackers attack (yep)
Key objects impact the respawn timer
Class kits for characters, basic set of skills for a selected class
Squads can be made of 20 guild members maximum
Maximum of 5 parties in a raid and 5 raids per team
Siege equipment is available around the battlefield

Horde Mode
50 players can defend a city against waves of NPC's
Difficulty increases after each wave
Monster coins allow the player to join as part of the horde
Includes boss mechanics for difficulty increase
Adaptive AI in four roles: Sniper, Ranger, Melee, and Boss
Party maximum of 5 players, 10 parties maximum, totaling 50 players

Testing a mixture of tab targeting and action combat
First phase will focus on action combat, the second phase will focus on a mixture of both systems

Left click for basic attacks, right click for focus or root attacks
Hitboxes are divided into three parts: head, upper body, and lower body
Weapon switching mid-combat allows access to different skills on the hotbar
Shields are capable of actively blocking incoming damage
Healing will be retical based
Armor themes are plate, leather, and rober
Character creation is available and the models can be saved for use in the full game
Name reservations can be made in Alpha 1
In-game minimap and compass user interface available
Not designed around controller support

Alpha 2
February or March 2019

Expanded guild system
Servers up consistently with no character wipes

Kida Sacheil

Beta 1
Unknown Date


Kida Sacheil, Becky/Mhari

Beta 2
Unknown Date


Kida Sacheil, Becky/Mhari

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse

A battle royale standalone. You can carry over skins from this to the main game upon release.

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