So you've joined TDA and you want to get involved in Guild Missions. Then here is what you need to know :)

We do guild missions twice a week, Sunday and Thursday night at 7pm UK time. When we complete guild missions we earn merits, influence, and on some missions, loot and commendations. Depending how successful we are on Sunday we might not run all the mission types on the following Thursday. The Thursday missions are normally so everyone has a chance to get the weekly personal rewards.

We usually start gathering for guild missions around 6.40pm at Applenook Hamlet just North of Lion's Arch. At 7pm we all get together in parties, although this is just to assist co-ordination and is not necessary to participate in and complete the missions. We also try and get as many members as possible on the Team Speak channel, just load the homepage and click the TS server link on the right to auto-connect.

As for the missions themselves, everything you will ever need to know is in the Dulfy guides. Read them! Have them open when you are doing the missions! I cant emphasise this enough as it will answer 99% of the questions I get during guild missions and allow us to complete them faster and more efficiently. Also you get a lot of useful information from the guild missions window in-game. You can open this by pressing G then selecting the bottom left tab in the window, the one that looks like a rabbit.

It is also very important to note that due to bugs in the roster system it is possible for regular members to activate the missions, possibly before we're ready to start and everyone has arrived. I take a very dim view to this and encourage any of you click-happy folks to stay well away from the mission activation point (where I'll be standing). If I catch members deliberately activating missions because they're impatient I will kick them from the guild. It spoils it for everyone as we have a much higher chance of failing without full turnout and chance to prepare.

So far the usual way we carry out missions goes like this:

Guild Trek - Load the dulfy guide, pick a location to find from the list in the guild missions window, look it up on the guide, go there, press F on the big orange circle. It really is that easy. It helps if you say in guild chat or TS what point you are going for to avoid too many people hunting the same one.

Guild Bounty - Load the dulfy guide, check the bounty targets in the guild mission window, look them up on the guide, go and find them. Once you find a target ping the closest waypoint in guild chat along with the direction from the waypoint to the target. Everyone will port in and we will stomp it. When searching it helps to read the notes on the guide as some targets are hidden in objects or animals. Always ask in map chat if someone has seen the bounty, as often people will tell you if they have.

Guild Rush - Load the dulfy guide. We will ping the closest waypoint to the rush and lead the guild there where we wait for everyone to arrive. If you haven't got the location yet we will wait for people to make their way over, just say in chat if you need time. Once you have run the Rush please stick around and assist others who still have to finish. Do this by killing mobs on the path and using healing/buffing skills on the runners. We don't stop helping each other until everyone has completed it.

Guild Challenge - Load the dulfy guide. As usual we will ping the waypoint closest to the rush and you just need to follow the commmander tags and wait. Each challenge has different tactics so be on TS to listen or read the dulfy guide beforehand. I will explain each challenge on TS as we encounter it and may tell members to move to certain areas, stop attacking enemies or use certain items. Its important that you are either on TS to hear these calls or are aware of the mechanics of the encounter as otherwise you may cause the mission to fail.

Guild Puzzle - Load the Dulfy guide. We will ping the waypoint for the mission and wait for everyone to assemble. Once everyone has arrived we will start off. Same as challenges I will instruct the guild on TS at all points during the puzzle to make sure everyone knows what they're doing. If you cant come on TS, read the guide! In guild puzzles its very important you keep up with the group as the gates progressing through are all on a timer. If you get shut beind the main group we are not able help you catch up with us. Also if you die in the puzzle wait to be ressed, do not wp out. If you wp out then you will be stuck outside.