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Hi guys!

Just wanted to drop in and give a little update on the Alpha 1 testing of Ashes of Creation as Intrepid just announced that they over the coming weeks will invite all players registered to AoC to join the A1 testing.  They also lifted their NDA, meaning that we’ll see a lot more content on YouTube, Twitch, etc..

What Is Alpha Phase 1?

Alpha 1 is the first phase of testing that players could buy into. The purpose of this phase is to test the stability of the servers, the action based combat, and to generally gather data from players to improve back-end systems and account related features.

To do this in a simple way they’ve decided to design their test around the Battle Royal gamemode. Consequently, all that will be available in this phase is the opportunity to enter a map, find weapons, and fight against players - hopefully ending up being the last person standing.

What To Expect:

As mentioned above, this is the first phase of testing, meaning that what we see in testing does not reflect the final game. They’ve stated several times that they decided to base this test around Battle Royal as it’s easy to make and hopefully a more fun way for us players to test basic features. In other words, there will be bugs and there will be stuff that doesn’t work perfectly, but hopefully their findings will lead to a better game later on!

If you’re not interested in this phase of testing and are waiting for more information about the actual levelling experience etc., then the next phase of testing will be of interest to you as it is supposed to feature levelling progression to level 20.


We will keep you updated!