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Ashes of Creation Recruitment

By Mhari - Posted Nov 10, 18

Hi all,

We have officially begun recruitment for our guild in Ashes of Creation! We hope we can bring in more people to share in the excitement for the upcoming game. If you would like to join us in welcoming new members, please visit the threads with these handy-dandy links:

AoC Offical Forum Recruitment

Reddit Recruitment

While we've got your attention, we have a few Ashes-related threads on our forum that you're welcome to take a gander at and join in on:

AoC Roster

AoC Overview

There's also the Ashes of Creation section where you can create your own threads and start discussions.

If you have recently joined us, welcome to TDA/Alpha Revolver! While we are waiting for the game to be released, please join us on Discord, introduce yourself on our forums, or join us in Guild Wars 2!

If you've got anything you would like to share about the game, or if you simply want to spread the hype, please feel free to start a topic going.

Thank you and see you soon~!

- Mhari