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ARHN & RPS Competition!

By Kida Sacheil - Posted Jan 17, 19

Hullo everyone!

This is a nice little news post to remind you that we are hosting our second Alpha Revolver Hangout Night (ARHN - I am going to make this stick, so help me) this Saturday 19th January at 1900 UK time!

We started the week before last and played some JackBox where Mhari's kind and loving nature was taken advantage of and she was murdered in cold blood. There were some issues with Steam lag but all being well we'll be able to use Twitch to avoid that! Hopefully this time no one will forever ruin any hopes of trust between Mhari and themselves. :D

To remind those of you who don't know, ARHN is a casual night of gaming where anyone can join and leave whenever they want. You're more than welcome to invite your friends along! The games we play are free, so things like JackBox or Cards Against Humanity. We are open to suggestions of more free-to-play games, all we ask is that if download is required it's only very minimal so that people don't have to wait for a long download before joining in.


Speaking of free-to-play games (once again Mhari is the Queen of Segueys), Kida has created our very own Alpha Revolver themed Rock, Paper, Scissors game which you can try for yourself by clicking THIS LINK.
(Let Kida know if you have any issues or experience any bugs!)

To celebrate Cleaver's foray into game development we are hosting a competition - whoever has the highest score in the game by February 2nd will win their very own Cleaver mousepad! All you have to do is play the game and make sure that you use your forum or discord name when inputting a name into the scoreboard. We will announce the winner in Discord on February 2nd.

That's it for the little newspost. Until next time, take care and see you soon!

- Mhari & Kida

Update:  Competition has ended, winner was Mhari! Congratulations!