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Hi everyone!


The weekend is coming to an end but we’re already looking towards the next! While this weekend didn’t have any events, this upcoming weekend will have two very chill events for for you to join in on.

We kick off on Saturday with another AR: Hangout Night (ARHN). This time we plan to check out the game “Use Your Words” as recommended by Phara! Like past events, all you need is Internet and a smartphone/browser. Everyone is welcome to join, so feel free to invite your friends! You will also need to go to Mhari's Twitch, (https://www.twitch.tv/beeboopbip) - you'll want to have the volume off if you're in Discord with us or you'll have a bit of an echo, although we completely understand wanting to hear our wonderful voices repeatedly.

The ARHN event is Saturday February 2nd at 7PM UK-time.

The next day we’ll be playing a game of "How many references can you spot?", while watching Ready Player One using the rabb.it service! The movie will start Sunday 3rd of February at 7PM UK-time but you're welcome to join beforehand and watch the movie-themed adverts carefully selected by Kida to get in the mood.

Both of these events are open to everyone, so do invite your friends along whether they're AR members or not!

See you then!
- Kida & Mhari