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Get To Know: Kida Sacheil

By Kida Sacheil - Posted Mar 10, 19

What name(s) do you go by?



Age/birthday/where do you come from?

I turn 25 in October, and I’m from Norway


What’s your role and how did you get involved with TDA/AR?

I’m an AR Founder, which means that I focus more on the community as a whole as well as in-game stuff. I’m kind of like a caretaker who tries to make sure that everything runs smoothly and help out wherever I’m needed.

I first joined up in April 2013. I started out as a GW2 member and after being active for a bit, I contacted Rhaps (the Guild Leader at the time) offering my help. He promoted me to a GW2 officer, and after that I just continued doing stuff for the guild and community.


What do I work with RL:

I work as a User Experience designer and Front-end developer.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, my job is kinda predicting how you are gonna act, and then designing a user-interface that you enjoy using, and that reacts the way you expect it to when clicking buttons, getting errors etc.  The front-end developer part mean that I also create that design with code.


Favourite game right now?

Right now I’m really into Assassins Creed: Odyssey. I kinda fell out of the whole AC series after Black Flag, but I picked up this game because I always found Ancient Greece to be fascinating. It’s a really pretty game with loads of content: I’ve played over 50 hours, and am only 75%-ish into the main story - so I think I’m going to be busy for a while. Other than that, there’s the occasional game of League of Legends, and Guild Wars 2, that I try to login to every now and then.


3 words that describe me as a person:

Loyal, Talkative, Organised


3 words that describe me as a player:

Confused, hoarder, “Leeroy Jenkins” (I know that’s technically 4 words...)

Got any questions for Kida? Feel free to leave them in the comments!