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Hi guys!


Ashes of Creation has started to release more information about the node system, which is one of the biggest selling points for the game, and something we’re gonna be dealing a lot with as a guild - when the time comes.

There’s a lot of information, and since it’s a game under development there’s a chance that there will be changes before launch. But I figured I’d answer some of the questions both for your sake and my own. Feel free to leave questions in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them.


First of, what are nodes?

Nodes are set points in the world. The world map is divided into regions, that contains multiple nodes. These are pre-set and are not created by players. They are however influenced by players, who can modify constructions and services. There are several types of nodes, which focuses on different aspects:

  • Economic: Trade and merchants
  • Military:  Combat and class training
  • Scientific: Artisan and construction
  • Divine: Faith, skill and equipment augment.


Why are nodes cool?

Nodes have 7 stages of development, these stages will affect how the node will look and what it has to offer for the players (like; legendary item repair, higher skill training etc). Nodes can therefore change the whole infrastructure of the world, as the “big” cities will be moving around based on player activity. There will be 103 nodes at launch, that can all impact the narrative and development of the world. Levelling up a node will also reveil new locations of dungeons, quests and points of interest, and the architecture will be decided by which race that contribute the most to levelling it up.


What are the 7 stages, and how do we level up?

Each node is surrounded by a zone of influence, so no matter where you go in the world, you’ll be helping determine which nodes that will develop. Each node has a “daily experience requirement”, and whatever is earned above that requirement is added as experience for the node, and will eventually level up the node.

The 7 stages are:

  • Wilderness
  • Expedition
  • Camp
  • Village
  • Town
  • City
  • Metropolis


What stops every node from becoming a metropolis

There are several ways a node can go down in level. One of them is not succeeding with the “daily experience requirement”. Everything you lack to reach the goal is removed from the node experience. If the experience drop below the current level requirement,  flags will appear to notify the citizens that the node is not doing great. If the situation isn’t dealt with, the node will after a short time delevel. So a level 3 node, will become a level 2 node.


When a node reaches level 3 it can be destroyed through sieges. Sieges are started by an item which can be acquired through a quest that scales in difficulty along with the level of the targeted node. Once the item is brought to the node and activated, a declaration period begins (which last for as many days as the level of the node: level 3 node = 3 days). During this period players will be made aware that a siege is about to happen.

If the citizens of the targeted node loses the sieges, the node will drop to level 0, and they will no longer be citizens of that node.

If however the node win the siege the node will stay the same, and there will be a cooldown dependant of the level of the node. The higher level - the longer time before players once again can declare a siege.


So there you have it! A short introduction to the node system, and how it’s gonna work. There are obviously loads more to cover as the different type of nodes have different benefits. Like I said earlier: Feel free to leave questions in the comments, and I’ll try and answer to the best of my ability.