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Get To Know: Miss Lecher

By Kida Sacheil - Posted Apr 14, 19

What’s the name(s) you go by?

Lecher, Mistress or just plain old Miss Lecher

Age/birthday/where do you come from?

I was born May 26 1988, so I’m kinda an old lady


What’s your role and how did you get involved with TDA/AR?

I joined in October 2015, and was made an officer not too long after (don’t remember exactly when)

Fondest TDA/AR memory so far?

I have far too many to choose just one memory. Late nights staying up gaming with guildies, movie nights ending in much more talk/discussions than movie-watching, jumping puzzle battles, etc.

Favourite song right now?

Joan of Arc by In This Moment

What has AR given you?

I joined the guild after moving across the country, leaving my family, friends and relationship behind me, and the wonderful people of this guild, gave me a feeling of not being alone, though I was very much alone away from my computer.

What do you work with/ study IRL?

There’s not a completely fitting english translation for my education, since the danish education system is a bit different from most other countries, but the translation that comes the closest, is that of Laboratory Technician.


3 words that describe you as a person

Tenacious (when I want to be),  guided by my emotions, weird


Do you have any secret skills, if yes, what?

I’m hyper mobile

Got any questions for Lecher?  Feel free to leave them in the comments!