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What name(s) do you go by?



Age/birthday/where do you come from?

I turn 25 in October, and I’m from Norway


What’s your role and how did you get involved with TDA/AR?

I’m an AR Founder, which means that I focus more on the community as a whole as well as in-game stuff. I’m kind of like a caretaker who tries to make sure that everything runs smoothly and help out wherever I’m needed.

I first joined up in April 2013. I started out as a GW2 member and after being active for a bit, I contacted Rhaps (the Guild Leader at the time) offering my help. He promoted me to a GW2 officer, and after that I just continued doing stuff for the guild and community.


What do I work with RL:

I work as a User Experience designer and Front-end developer.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, my job is kinda predicting how you are gonna act, and then designing a user-interface that you enjoy using, and that reacts the way you expect it to when clicking buttons, getting errors etc.  The front-end developer part mean that I also create that design with code.


Favourite game right now?

Right now I’m really into Assassins Creed: Odyssey. I kinda fell out of the whole AC series after Black Flag, but I picked up this game because I always found Ancient Greece to be fascinating. It’s a really pretty game with loads of content: I’ve played over 50 hours, and am only 75%-ish into the main story - so I think I’m going to be busy for a while. Other than that, there’s the occasional game of League of Legends, and Guild Wars 2, that I try to login to every now and then.


3 words that describe me as a person:

Loyal, Talkative, Organised


3 words that describe me as a player:

Confused, hoarder, “Leeroy Jenkins” (I know that’s technically 4 words...)

Got any questions for Kida? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

Wrinkles tag forgot to comment this...... Kida you are so cuuuuuute ;)
Mhari If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be and why?
sonaakali I have always wanted to know about you, Kida :) You are very pretty and serious

Hi guys!

Earlier this evening Me (Kida) and Mhari tested out the game "Keep talking and Nobody Explodes" for the first time!
It was a lot of fun, and we streamed the whole thing!

If you missed out on it, you can watch it here: 

Get To Know: Mhari

Kida Sacheil posted Mar 3, 19

What names do you go by?

Mhari, British Person, Harry Potter Cast, Becky


Age/where do you come from?

28, UK


What’s your role and how did you get involved with TDA/AR?

Alpha Revolver Founder: I help out on the community side of things when it comes to general admin (news posts, correcting Kida's grammar, writing minutes, organising forum sections) and provider of comic relief through mishearing, being forgetful, and falling off my chair

ARHN Co-Lead: I buy the games so you don't have to! I also stream if necessary, die/lose a lot, and I provide comic relief through being really bad at generally everything


Favourite game right now?

Kingdom Hearts III:

I've been a fan since the game first came out and it's so nice to be able to actually move forward in the story rather than getting confused with the timelines constantly. Also, Dearly Beloved is my jam.

3 words that describe you as a person

Scatterbrained, marmite, awesome


Do you have any secret skills, if yes, what?

"It wouldn't be a secret if I told you," she says as she casually cheeses not having to answer a third question. B) ...no, I don't. Or do I? We may never know.

Got any questions for Mhari? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

"Pizza" Valtiel "What names you go by" You forgot Becks
Angron Deathsword How do you pronounce Mhari? Also, 28?! you don't look a day over 24!
Wee Marmite ?? Love it or Hate it ? or just dont eat or drink it.