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Hi everyone!

Just a quick message regarding some changes to our representation rule in Guild Wars 2.
During a recent officer meeting, we agreed on allowing another exception to our representing rule, hoping it’ll make it easier for people to take part of organised WvW.

The new representation rule is:

All members have to represent TDA 100% of the time on all characters, with the exception of when accessing a private guild bank, and when present in any of these following WvW maps:

  • Desert Borderlands
  • Alpine Battlegrounds
  • Eternal Battlegrounds.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on representation in these following weeks to see how this change is being received. Either way we hope it’ll give you guys some more freedom to properly take part of WvW.

This message will also be shared in-game and on Discord

- Kida

Star Citizen

Lord Atrocity posted Aug 24, 18

Star Citizen is coming! I know its had some negative press, but I believe it is. This guy created Freelancer. One of my most fond memories of multiplayer games was Freelancer and that game is still played today. This isnt just some random new developer this is someone whos made a multitude of enjoyed games and even took time to direct some movies. Now this is an ambitious game, and we have no solid release date yet, but it is playable and it has a lot of amazing stuff you can do.

In terms of TDA in Star Citizen, we have our clan page here once sent, drop myself a message and I will accept you into the clan. Now I would like to gather a group of people who have or plan to play Star Citizen on release, so we can start to discuss what type of clan we want to be. We will host a meeting in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that date.

Here is an interesting video of a guy doing a mission, some work still needs done and he didnt have the best ship to show off all the kinds of different guns and missiles you can have on your ship. They also have the FPS and driving mechanics in as well as multicrew ships.

Here is the lastest rundown of what we can expect in next update. It still has a way to go, but when this game is finally done I think overall its going to be an amazing immersive addictive experience. They are building new systems to allow them to implent content faster after launch so we get constant new fresh updates. Let me know who is up for the meeting in the comments below.

Lord Atrocity

Pitsnow Just spent an hour trying to get to grips with the flight control. Not an easy one this one!
Wee Ready when you are for a meeting but cannot play as I get a warning that I dont have enough memory (only 8Gb) so on xmas...
Gargoyle Ye I'm for it. Not sure about that syndicate/ hardcore situation so there are things to talk about.

Hi guys!

I hope everyone has had a great summer holiday!  Now that work, school and everyday life is returning to it’s normal scheduled program - for many of us, I thought I would just drop in with a little hello, and update you guys about what’s going on, and what’s currently planned for the future.

As many of you probably noticed, we attempted expanding the community into another MMO called Bless online. Due to the game’s awful launch, low player base, and the overall quality of the game we decided to close it down at the end of June. But if you still want to give the game a try, then the guild still exist. Contact Wee, for an invite as he’s the caretaker of the guild.

Now over to the more exciting stuff: Ashes of Creation.

We’ve announced for a while that our next move into a new MMO will most likely be Ashes of Creation - this is still the case.
The game is still under development, so it’s gonna be awhile before we can enter this world, but we (the founders) want to reassure you that we’re still planning on expanding to AoC, with me (Kida) and Becky as guild leaders.

If you don’t know us, then check out the video we just uploaded of us playing Overcooked 2:

..we can’t promise we’re the best people for the job, but we can promise that we’re people.

In another news, the Ashes of Creation team announced on their live stream, that Alpha phase 1, will be out sometime during the 3rd week of September. They also announced that they’ll be attending Gamescom - which starts today (20th August) and last until the 25th of August.

Luckily for us Shifu got us covered, and has made an excellent thread to help us stay updated, check it out here!

Back to another game we’re looking at that’s still in development: StarCitizen.
Ages ago we announced that we’re looking into the game, and Darius will come back to you with another post about the current state of the game, and the plans for AR/TDA in the game.

Before I go, I want to give a shout out to Vuez and all the officers for keeping the Guild Wars 2 guild running smoothly. Your efforts are deeply appreciated, and it does not go unnoticed!
A big thanks to all our fellow guildies, who play a big part in making TDA an awesome and friendly place to be.

That was all for now, and I’ll see you guys around!

- Kida

Wee Who is the Monkey ? yes TDA in Bless is just ticking over for now. Bless is on special offer I think £9.99 for the...
Mhari "I promise that we're people." Technically, we're a monkey and a unicorn. I feel that the av...