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A community for Gamers, Game Developers Artists & Musicians. Our community is founded on the principal of finding like minded gamer's. Everyone at Alpha Revolver is friendly and helpful. Alpha Revolver is owned by TDA. TDA is a Clan/Guild.that plays multiple games on multiple platforms. We are always open to new games and new platforms. We have a Teamspeak 3 Server available for any to use.

We consist of mature players of all ages that treats each other as a family. We are united towards the common goal of having fun and making friends while still making things happen in-game. We require Teamspeak 3 and a microphone in order to help facilitate our common goal. It is imperative our members be able to communicate with others. Teamwork can only occur successfully when people are willing to communicate in a way that is clear and concise. In TDA and AR, real life comes first over anything; no guild event or goal should ever trump the needs of family, work, or other real life pursuits. You are applying yourself to a community that isn't just in it for gaming. We are here as a family and we stick together till the end.

Did that spark your interest? Are you the kind of person we are looking for in this community? Read more about us or go ahead and hit the Apply/Join link! You can also jump into our Teamspeak server and have a chat with any one of us!

Once you have been accepted as a member of TDA and AR, you immediately become one of us and you are treated as an equal, no matter what rank you achieve. Teamwork, the will to help each other, listen, and communicate is a vital part of being a member of the TDA and AR family. We are not interested in recruiting players whose motto is “I’m so l33t, you suck and I won’t help you”. One of our core values is to help one another. We aim to recruit players who are willing and able to follow these guidelines and players that share our family-oriented mindset.

Drama or any other negative vibe isn't tolerated here. TDA and AR’s immediate response to people intentionally seeking to cause drama in the community is to ban or remove players from the community. People play games to have fun, sit back and relax. Don't ruin it. If something is causing you anger or is making you unhappy, take some time away from the situation and cool down. Please do not ruin everyone else's good time because things do not go your way. Keep in mind if you have a legitimate concern with another player you may take it to a leader or officer.

TDA and AR does not choose to indulge in matchmaking. If you're looking for attention or someone to flirt with, please look elsewhere.

Each recruited member of TDA and AR must be an enthusiast of both PvE and PvP activities. We tend to explore as much content as possible, up until the details of crafting. The community does not plan in the future to support role-playing.

The website is also a place where we hope people who have art in any form, be it music, writing, drawings, paintings or game programming or design can take part. At current two members of Alpha Revolver have founded Alpha Revolver Games, which is an Indie Company. They hope to submit their game progression through all its stages for testing such as Prototype, Alpha and Beta testing. The indie company also hopes to incorporate any art or music that people have created in order to submit it into the game, or for their portfolio to be studied before being approached about making an contribution to the game.

So come along and join you do not need to be part of a clan if you do not want to.